Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunny Patch on the Creek

Price: $250 
Media: Acrylics On Canvas
Size: 18x14 in

This is Petticoat Creek again - such a lovely little place. This painting is from the early spring again - before the bugs come out and warm enough to sit outside for a little while. This painting was started plein air and finished in the studio. I really love to paint in the sunshine. I never get tired of watching sunshine. It is just fascinating. In this painting I got to watch the sunshine and shadows as well as reflections dancing on the creek. I was just really happy to sit and watch the beauty unfold. The colours changing and the shadows moving - birds singing, sound of the water babbling in the creek - what a fine afternoon. The day I painted this, it was March 28th - my Mom's birthday and after this painting session I got to celebrate another special year with a special lady. Life is good!

♥ peace

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