Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Price: $250  
Media: Acrylics On Canvas
Size: 16x12 in

OK here we are back at the flamingos... I love to go to the Toronto Zoo, and going to visit the flamingos is one of my favourite things to do there. These birds really fascinate me. I could sit and watch them for hours - in fact, I do sit and watch them for hours.... I really love flamingos - they have the most unique beauty... The way the head sits on the neck and the beak sits on the head... The way they move... The way they exist in a flock. It is like the flock is so much a part of their individual existence that the flock becomes one organism. They sleep at the same time, so peaceful to watch them sleeping. Then when they wake up - they all wake up... and it is like a wonderfully raucous family feud with everyone yelling at each other and jumping around and you can see that they really enjoy each other...  Oh yes - and there's a pond there with reflections of the flamingos in the water -  Mmmmmmm.... Yummy!

♥ peace

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