Thursday, October 25, 2012


Price: $75    
Media: Pastels on Paper
Size: 12x16 in

OK back at the Toronto Zoo, and going to visit the Chameleons this time in the African Pavilion. I love to watch these creatures walk - the ultimate Tai Chi walk - slow and deliberate. Their eyes so fascinate me - on turrets and looking at different things at once - they have a commanding presence if you are able to slow down a little and spend some time watching them... like little happy dragons... seems to me they grin a lot...

♥ peace

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Are We There Yet?

Price: $75  
Media: Charcoal on Paper
Size: 11x14 in

These little guys are just too cute! What is it about Pugs? I think they were the inspiration for Ewoks in Star Wars...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Price: $250  
Media: Acrylics On Canvas
Size: 16x12 in

OK here we are back at the flamingos... I love to go to the Toronto Zoo, and going to visit the flamingos is one of my favourite things to do there. These birds really fascinate me. I could sit and watch them for hours - in fact, I do sit and watch them for hours.... I really love flamingos - they have the most unique beauty... The way the head sits on the neck and the beak sits on the head... The way they move... The way they exist in a flock. It is like the flock is so much a part of their individual existence that the flock becomes one organism. They sleep at the same time, so peaceful to watch them sleeping. Then when they wake up - they all wake up... and it is like a wonderfully raucous family feud with everyone yelling at each other and jumping around and you can see that they really enjoy each other...  Oh yes - and there's a pond there with reflections of the flamingos in the water -  Mmmmmmm.... Yummy!

♥ peace

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunny Patch on the Creek

Price: $250 
Media: Acrylics On Canvas
Size: 18x14 in

This is Petticoat Creek again - such a lovely little place. This painting is from the early spring again - before the bugs come out and warm enough to sit outside for a little while. This painting was started plein air and finished in the studio. I really love to paint in the sunshine. I never get tired of watching sunshine. It is just fascinating. In this painting I got to watch the sunshine and shadows as well as reflections dancing on the creek. I was just really happy to sit and watch the beauty unfold. The colours changing and the shadows moving - birds singing, sound of the water babbling in the creek - what a fine afternoon. The day I painted this, it was March 28th - my Mom's birthday and after this painting session I got to celebrate another special year with a special lady. Life is good!

♥ peace

Monday, October 1, 2012


Price: $375  
Media: Acrylics On Board
Size: 24x20 in

This is Petticoat Creek in early spring. It is another Plein Air painting... The weather was very warm and the snow melted, but no greenery as yet and no bugs. I love this time of the year because you can almost feel the energy of the plant life just holding its breath till just about bursting, waiting to jump to life for another wonderfully beautiful summer... So quiet and still - but so expectantly exciting.... I found the reflections on the creek here particularly lovely. What is it about reflections on the water ? I could watch them dancing all day.