Thursday, May 20, 2010

World Tree


It was a glorious fall day. The sun was shining, crisp and clear. The colours were at their height, magnified in the sunshine. The sky was impossibly beautifully blue; only gets that clear and intense in the fall when it's magnified with all the ambient orange foliage. It was after lunch and I was walking in the park with my camera just soaking in all the colour. On a forest path... just me, the trees, sky, birds and sunshine. Life has some very sweet moments.

I noticed off to the side of the path some of the most intense orange and yellows I had ever seen and had to stop to explore. The creator of that colour was a large old oak tree. I spent a long time looking at that tree. Being quiet and listening in nature, opens the heart.

This painting is my attempt to share this experience. I wanted to make a portrait of a tree... but more than that - I was trying to give a feeling of the universal tree - the lungs of the earth - supporting all life...

Funny thing about the painting process. Sometimes things just show up. I was not initially trying to put a figure in the tree - she just showed up somehow...


'World Tree'

She stands
Arms outstretched
Connection between
Heaven and Earth.
Rooted in the seasons
Reaching through time
Watching the cycles flow
Holding love, light, life...
She stands


Title: World Tree
Size: 20" x 36"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery wrapped canvas, no frame necessary.

I use Artist Quality acrylic paints to create my paintings and my paintings are varnished with Gloss Polymer Varnish with UVLS.

Please note, the copyright watermark does not appear on the original. Also, the rights to reproduce this image remains with the artist.


  1. I was thrilled to find that you have a blog, Judith. You taught my daughter, Jenny, & I to overcome our fear of painting, a couple of years ago. Your poetry is as beautiful as your paintings, and I'm glad that you include them on your blog. The background info on the paintings is a real joy to read, as well. Looking forward to future posts! :)

  2. Hi Elena! Thanks for taking a look and posting a comment - hugs right back at ya - see you soon. Judith

  3. Hi Maureen Lee

    Such a delight to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I am planning another post soon. Very glad you are enjoying them. Give my best to Jenny - hope to get to see you both soon. Judith