Friday, May 7, 2010

Flamingos in the River

Flamingos fascinate me so much, I can watch them for hours at the Toronto Zoo. It's not only their shape and movement, but that in itself is really something. I mean really...


Big pink eggs on stilts...
Terodactyl heads
On end of garden hose.
Yellow eyes watching...
Noisy commotion momentarily;
Flamingos in the River...

Not even the most off the wall afternoon TV reality show can hold a candle to the sheer drama of a flock of flamingos. These birds can EMOTE! Not only that, they do it in chorus. If you spend some time watching a flock of flamingos, you will notice that... the flock is an entity - these birds are so much part of each other - they move, sleep, eat, and fight like one.

This painting was created using a photograph I took at the Toronto Zoo. It was a quite time in the flock - most were sleeping only one bird who was looking for food in the water, took a moment to look up and make sure the silly woman with the camera was staying in her place.


Title: Flamingos in the River
Size: 18" x 27"
Medium: Acrylic on Maisonite



  1. Nice work Judith...the flamingoes are graceful and I like how you captured their poses, the reflections and the water movement! very nice!
    Richard Jules

  2. Hey Richard - Thanks so much for looking and for your kind words!

    Enjoy your beautiful sunny spring day, Judith