Thursday, January 1, 2015

Dragon's Joy

Happy New Year! Wishing you wonder and joy in your life for the coming year!

I choose this painting for my New Year greeting because of the spiral - seeing as we are on the start of another amazing cycle with this first day of the year. And also because of the positive feeling I get from this image. The colours are just so joyful and peaceful - and the feeling of light drawing you to the centre and radiating back out. There is just so much life and happiness here....

The title of this painting is 'Dragon's Joy' and that is where it came from - the feeling of joy it gave me to make it. The dragon's head is painted using a photo reference I took of a snake in the Toronto Zoo - they sit on their branch coiled up in total contentment - utterly still and present like some sort of reptilian masters of meditation. I hope we can all focus this coming year on the contentment that comes from stillness and presence...

I am deeply grateful for the amazing year that we have just finished. I am grateful for my family, friends, students and my health! There are just so many things that bless my life. Like my brother Bill says "It's all good."

I hope that you find happiness, health and peace in 2015...

♥ peace...  Judith

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